#DigitalSingleMarket – Europe’s Digital Future?


If Europe is to avoid losing ground internationally, the EU must make it easier for digital European businesses to access an EU-wide market, thus also kindling desperately needed growth. In addition, complex issues such as net neutrality, data protection, intellectual-property rights and the removal of geoblocking must be regulated on an EU-wide basis. Yet the plans contained in EU strategies could prove difficult to realise. Are Europe’s countries ready for a post-national digital space? What impact would the abolition of the territorial principle have on the media industry? Who would be the biggest winners and losers in a new digital single market?


Dan Maag, CEO, PANTALEON Entertainment GmbH & Pantaflix

Maximilian Strotmann

Sebastian Kocks, Head of Media Law Department, Media Policy Division, RTL Deutschland


Kathrin Schmid, Journalistin, Autorin und Moderatorin, NDR Radio