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The “Breaking News” Show: 23 Treaties on the Future of Media


The new media landscape is exciting, fun and contradictory – and some of it is terrible. All this will be discussed in the “Breaking News” Show, featuring concrete examples, interjections and with a view to the coming years. We will talk about the end of the public sphere, about competition from Angry Birds, Germany’s love of BuzzFeed, gaps, values and highflyers in the market. In this talk, we will summarise and reflect on the developments of the past months. The “Breaking News” Show is the camp fire around which we tell stories and dream about the future. We are covering everything but boring, so Tagesschau app and intellectual property rights have to stay out this time. Also, we will be revealing an exclusive little media secret.       


Jessica Binsch (Editor, Deutsche Presse-Agentur)

Ole Reißmann (Editor, Spiegel Online)

Hakan Tanriverdi (Freelance Journalist, Sü