2016 | 10 | 26

MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin 2017 set for 8 - 10 May: Act fast to get your early-bird tickets!

The date for the next edition of MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin has been set. The event will take place from 8 - 10 May 2017 in STATION-Berlin, in partnership with re:publica for the fourth year in a row. Early-bird tickets for MEDIA CONVENTION and re:publica 2017 will go on sale on 27 October at 1:00 p.m.

In past years, these tickets sold out in only a few hours. Act fast to get your ticket at a reduced price.

Early-bird standard: €135 - instead of the regular €199.

Early-bird reduced: €65 - instead of the regular €99.

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2016 | 05 | 12

"The fourth Revolution" with Edward Snowden and Luciano Floridi now online!

As of now you can watch the full Session "The fourth Revolution" with Edward Snowden and Luciano Floridi in our YouTube Channel. Snowden and Floridi have been speaking at #MCB16 on Stage 5.

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Record number of visitors at re:publica and MCB16

More than 8,000 participants from over 60 countries passed through the gates of STATION Berlin at Gleisdreieck. That marks yet another record number for the conference re:publica and MCB16. On a total of 17 stages, with around 770 speakers and 46 percent female participation, the programm spanned around 500 sessions. We are looking forward to next year!

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MCB back for the third time

On 2 and 3 May, it’s finally happening: The doors of STATION Berlin will open for #MCB16 and #rpTEN. For two days, Berlin will once again be the place for media- and Net-policy debates and media-industry discussions. For the third time, MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (MCB) will take place in parallel with re:publica. Together, the two conferences create a symbiosis that is plainly unique in the European conference landscape. The top-quality programme draws national and international experts and decision-makers from TV, film, radio, print, online, mobile, social media, politics, technology, business, culture, and academia. Visitors from at least 60 countries are expected, with a mix of participants ranging from start-up founders and Net activists to media policymakers and global industry players. This year, we expect nearly 8,000 attendees at the two events, even more than last year.

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2016 | 04 | 26

And the winner is...Press Conference: „The Bobs – Best of Online Activism“

For the first time, the international jury of the Bobs will announce the winners at the Media Convention Berlin. Deutsche Welle (DW) has been awarding „The Bobs – Best of Online Activism“ since 2004. The award honors outstanding dedication for the strengthening of freedom of speech and civil societies in the web. 2.300 entries were considered this year.

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2016 | 04 | 07


"DISCONNECTED 2 is a performance by Thorsten S. Wiedemann, @st0rn0 and Sara Anna Lisa Vogl, @saralisavogl Produced by A MAZE. and technical partner VR Nerds DISCONNECTED is a series of VR performances. Our first encounter with the VR world took place in January 2016 at Game Science Center Berlin where Thorsten S. Wiedemann (founder and director of A MAZE.) archiving as the first VR Naut the world record by staying for 48 hours straight in virtual reality.

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Fokus #MCB-Speaker: Barbara van Schewick

Looking forward to #MCB16-Speaker Barbara van Schewick, Professor of Law and Helen L. Crocker Faculty Scholar at Stanford Law School, Director of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, one of the leading experts on network neutrality: "She had a bigger impact than entire institutions. She is not a normal human, but thankfully she’s on the public’s side" (Slate)

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Focus #MCB16: War of the world views: Competition Between International TV News Networks

International TV news networks are supposed to document world events, ideally in a balanced and authoritative way. But even with news, there is usually more than one truth, and considerable room for varying interpretations and news-judgement decisions. What role do international news networks play in our complex state of world politics?

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2016 | 03 | 09

Focus #MCB16: Video Game Companies as Film and TV Producers

Adapting PC and video games for the big screen isn’t a new trend – but now leading video game companies are taking the reins and producing films based on their original game franchises. At #MCB16, we present the most important industry representatives who are driving this trend and their current projects.

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Three or so questions to ... Luciano Floridi

In the run-up to #MCB16, we will introduce the major speakers here by means of a very brief recorded Skype interview. First up: Luciano Floridi, professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at Oxford and Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute.

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Focus #MCB: Luciano Floridi and Edward Snowden on life in the Infosphere

At #MCB16 Luciano Floridi and other experts will tackle the questions that arise from the infosphere, the points where media and internet policy overlap from the use of the media online: how is the digital age changing our living environment and our self image? What skills do we need to deal with machines that are arguably smarter than us? There will be a live link-up with whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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Industry News: Drama Series Days at the Berlinale

High-end drama series are becoming increasingly important for the Berlin–Brandenburg media industry. That’s why the organisers of the MCB, the Medienboard, are also hosting Drama Series Days at the Berlinale.

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