Battle of the world views: Competition between international TV news networks


International TV news networks are supposed to document world events, ideally in a balanced and authoritative way. But even with news, there is usually more than one truth, and considerable room for varying interpretations and news-judgement decisions. Making sure one’s own perspective is reflected on international TV news networks has become a key aspect of international policymaking and foreign-policy communications management. How intense is the struggle for primacy in the information space? What role do international news networks play in our complex world politics? What influence do international news networks have on the image and international perception of their home countries? And how are traditional news networks reacting to new players in the opinion-shaping business?


Peter Limbourg, Director General, Deutsche Welle

Oksana Boyko, Senior Political Correspondent, RT International

Inga Thordar, Editor & Programming Director, CNN Digital International

Salah Negm, Al-Jazeera English



Jo Schück, Author and presenter ZDF