Media and Internet Policy

Aggregation: User and Regulation


Event organized by mabb

Media User Experience: A Walkthrough.

Every day, users come into contact with media through various ways and means. Today, they can access a never before seen range of diverse products, platforms and ecosystems. What needs are satisfied through user consumption? What strategies do they use, in order to tailor available content to their individual needs? What are some of the still untapped potentials and how can they be realised? A hands-on, insight into user paths and needs.


Thorsten Jonas, Cellular


Shifting Power, New Rules? Aggregators Shake Up the Market

Aggregators compete and cooperate on various levels, usually creating an ambivalent atmosphere amongst one another. This makes it rather difficult to understand the power relationships within this sector. Are service providers free do decide how and where their content is aggregated? Do all platforms have the opportunities to aggregate content? Do ecosystems set permissible limits? How can a framework be created with in this dynamic field that secures diversity while also promoting innovation? What role - if any - does regulation have in digital diversity?


Alberto Horato, Discovery
Dr. Hans Hege, Director of mabb, Regulation
Björn Böhning, Head of the Berlin Senate Chancellery
Robert Amlung, ZDF



Martin Krebbers