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Aggregation: Platforms


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Platforms – Facilitating between worlds

The core of the TV broadcast is the television programme; the core of the newspaper is the news. What contribution does content selection play in programming? Are individual programmes and viewer-hits the mark of success, or is well-designed, overall content more important? Do users value someone else making decisions for them and, if yes, will it still be relevant in the future?  Contrast this to the new platforms. They facilitate between content, devices and users. Content is being served digitally, making traditional limits irrelevant. Each platform must deal with the question of what value boundless aggregation has for the user.


Prof. Dr. Klaus Goldhammer


Platform Monopoly: Only one winner per category?

Facebook for friends, Google for websites, YouTube for videos, Spotify for audio and XING for CVs. Platforms aggregate content categories and facilitate between searches and results. But these strategies are changing. Today, XING offers its own news-feed and YouTube is going into video production. Is this the future in staying competitive? Is the platform market susceptible to monopolies? Can healthy competition exist between different platforms in the same category? What chances do local platforms have against global big-shots?


Timm Richter (XING)
Manuel Uhlitzsch (My Video)
Stefan Zilch (Spotify)


Nora Hespers