Media Business

Aggregation: Opening


Opening Remarks by mabb


Dr. Hans Hege, Director of Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg


Aggregation: systematising the broadcaster, platform and ecosystem competition

Aggregation has become a fashionable buzz-word but how does it actually work, who are the players and what are the business models? Despite the topic’s discursive presence, it has become clear that a substantive analysis is still missing. Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg is looking to fill this gap with its own study. Bertram Gugel will present the results of the analysis in his keynote.


Bertram Gugel


The State of Bundled Media

Television continues to be unimpressed by the new services it is being offered. Audiences are transfixed by their screens and more elaborate programming is being produced than ever before. On the other hand, some industry branches are coming up against the limits of classic aggregation. Newspapers and magazines are already feeling the pressure. Which forces influence selective aggregation? Can certain technologies aggregate better than traditional programme makers?


Claire Enders, Enders Analysis