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Aggregation: Ecosystem and Personalized Supply


Event organized by mabb

Ecosystem War

Global internet companies are no longer simply interested in platforms. Instead, they are consolidating their purchasing power through credit card data and gain direct access to users through the devices found in pockets, living rooms and desks. Do ecosystems also have a tendency for monopolies or can Android and iOS coexist in the long term? What effects do ecosystems have on the user? What are the costs in switching systems?     


Horace Dediu, Analyst


Individually Bundled – Prospects for personalised aggregation

Big Data beats programming directors. Startups use algorithms in order to present their programme to users. These services also enable users to access the most relevant selections of available content. An exploration of the mechanisms behind these services.  


Ekow Yankah, castaclip GmbH /


App-Store as Hit-Generator

All content has to be formatted for an app – a time consuming and cost intensive task for content providers. What role do ranking and the actual mechanisms of different app stores play in the final success of an app? What strategies are out there to help position apps and content more prominently in app stores?  

App ecosystems shape the rules for all participating vendors and not only influence the content selection but also the business models that provide content. This creates an environment in which large parts are controlled and shaped by the ecosystem operators. What influences do their rules have on content selection? How accessible are their ecosystems? Is there sufficient competition to keep ecosystems open?


Sebastian Soethe, dynamo partners