MCB16 Speaker Introduction (1): Luciano Floridi

2016 | 02 | 22

Three or so questions to ... Luciano Floridi

In the run-up to the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin (MCB16), we will introduce the major speakers on the MCB blog by means of a very brief recorded Skype interview. First up: Luciano Floridi, dubbed the ‘digital philosopher of our age' by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at Oxford and Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Although he was suffering from a severe flu, Prof. Floridi was so kind to speak to us from his home in Oxford about his theory of the "Fourth Revolution“, about what he will focus on at his appearance at in Berlin, and what he expects Edward Snowden, who will be joining the conversation at #MCB16 via live link-up, to bring into the discussion.